HF Symphony

A Data-driven Engagement Strategy to Drive Impact and Behavioral Change.

Carefully orchestrated measurement, communication and engagement strategies.

Commitment to strategic deployment of a robust engagement strategy is essential to reaching as many learners as possible, to change desired behaviours.

Our model mitigates some of the most common industry challenges faced by organizations launching learning programs...

  • Low engagement / Program awareness
  • Limited consumption and attendance or steady decline after launch
  • Lack of clarity and transparency over success metrics
  • Poor stakeholder buy-in
  • Inability to demonstrate success
  • Inconsistent approach across functions & regions

The 5 stages of the HF Symphony






The four core elements of our HF Symphony Model

The 3 Key Pillars of Digital Engagement

To effectively implement & sustain organization-wide engagement of digital content, the are 3 key pillars to carefully manage & monitor.


In a busy hybrid world of shifting priorities, ease of access to digital content is essential. Providing quick user journeys to relevant content is essential.


Engagement occurs when the audience sees a tangible benefit. Generalized promotion reduces the ability to provide clear messaging.


The audience must feel that they have approval to reprioritize their daily activities. If not, engagement will not occur.

Want to create your own symphony for your learning program?

The Symphony Model can be leveraged by clients to carefully manage long-term program success.

It ensures that all programs regardless of complexity can be successfully planned, deployed, monitored and steered from the very beginning.